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After inking a deal with Select Records in 2006, Poetry realizes his twenty years of hard work and determination is paying off. Poetry is no stranger to the music business and has invested much of his own time and efforts to launch his entrepreneurial enterprise in the form of a clothing line, a production company and his own record label. Poetry, with the help of Select plans on taking his unique blend of realistic yet tongue in cheek rap to the mainstream.

Poetry's distinctive raps and beats have been developing for years and he owes much of what he learned from the professionals he's collaborated with throughout his career. Growing up in South Jamaica , NY, Andre Lee started out doing talent shows at a young age to help pay the bills for his single mom. Influential rappers such as Run DMC and Whodini taught him what it takes to write a rhyme but what changed the course of history for Poetry was, oddly enough, his neighbor.

Legendary producer Larry Smith was the next door musical icon that took Poetry under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of the music production business. Poetry soon signed a production deal with Smith and cut a 4 song demo. Working the demo at clubs and on the streets earned Poetry respect he desired, but inside he demanded more from his music and of himself.

Poetry returned to Smith and the two formed Jump Start Music and soon thereafter Poetry started 1313 Playazville Lane . With the release of the "Psycho" album and the growing success of his companies, Poetry created a buzz large enough to attract the attention of Select Records.

Although Poetry no longer works with Smith, he holds on to the knowledge and experience passed on to him. Poetry continues to push the genre of hip hop in new directions with his latest singles, "Caught Up and Shake It", in hopes that 2007 will be the year his music causes a groundbreaking movement to forever alter the course of hip hop.

Poetry - Shake it Like it Hurts



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