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A combination of catchy hooks, masterful flow,
lintelligent lyrics and irresistible beats....Visit Artist
Unique blend of realistic yet tongue in cheek rap to
the mainstream ....Visit Artist
The Jerky Boys
All Time Greatest Bits featuring Sol Rosenburg
& Frank Rizzo ....Visit Artist
Chuck E. Weiss
He has been immortalized in song, co-starred with
musical legends, ....Visit Artist
Imagine if Veruca Salt and Chili Peppers had a
musical love child...Visit Artist
  Select Records and President
  Fred Munao are often hailed as
  one of the pioneers of rap and hip
  hop in the country. If you don’t
  believe us, take a look at these old
  school Select releases.
Chubb Rock
The Real Roxanne
Kid N Play
Jerky Boys
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